A new threat to Spring Lane Farm. 


PN17: The Fight Goes On!

This is to let you know that the would-be developer of PN17 (Spring Lane Farm) is now making a flagrant attempt to circumvent the Inspector’s recent ruling that this Special Landscape Area (SLA) should be withdrawn from the Draft Local Plan and should not be built upon.

We need your help once more.


A new planning application for 48 homes on Spring Lane Farm has recently been made to Harrogate Borough Council.  Although by the same developer, this is a BRAND NEW planning application meaning the objections we all made previously are no longer valid.


We’re aware that the process has been long and complicated (a premeditated strategy by the developer no doubt), but it is critical that we come together as a community once more to protect this important part of Pannal & Burn Bridge.


All objections to the planning application must be made by Friday 23rd November on the Harrogate Borough Council’s planning portal or via email or post  Step by step instructions can be found below.

The Spring Lane SLA Defence Group has been set up to help local residents protect the Special Landscape Area status of the farm, and to ensure it continues to be enjoyed by residents and visitors alike.   As a group we have sought Professional Legal & Planning guidance and will be drafting a comprehensive objection.

However, it is critical that as many residents as possible also make their own personal objections to the application on Harrogate Borough Council's planning website.  



The proposed site is designated as a Special Landscape Area (SLA)

Why is the sites SLA protection no longer valid when a Planning Inspector has just declined 22 houses in the SLA on Rossett Green Lane on same basis?  This represents an abandonment of the Council's own 'green wedge pledge' ensuring Pannal & Burn Bridge continue to be separated from Harrogate.

High risk of flooding

The area isn't called Spring Lane for nothing.  Much of PN17 falls within a high flood risk area.  This issue would be made greater should non-permeable surfaces be laid in the area.

Increased traffic will put children's lives at risk

The narrow, winding roads around Spring Lane Farm are not suitable for an increase in traffic.  In fact any increase would represent a safety risk for pedestrians, especially school children who walk the roads with parents every morning and afternoon.

Dangerous proposed access points

Proposed access points at the end of Westminster Drive and on Yew Tree Lane, will lead to dangerous amounts of traffic on narrow roads with blind corners.

The heritage and beauty of the area

Harrogate is one of the UK's most visited country towns.  Much of this is driven by the unique landscapes and villages surrounding the town itself.  By developing on these areas of natural beauty we risk compromising Harrogate's tourism appeal.

How to object to on the HBC website

Time is running out to register your objections to the planning application for 48 houses.  You now have until 23rd November to do so.  Please act now.  Below is a simple step-by-step guide on how to do it.


Step 1 - Find the right planning application

Firstly, visit the Harrogate Borough Council website and find the right planning application - click here to be taken to the correct page.  Once on the page enter the following code where indicated in the red box opposite... 18/04288/OUTMAJ

Step 2 - Access the 'Comments' section

One you have found the correct planning application, click on the 'Comments' link marked opposite in red.

Step 3 - Leave your comment

Once in the Comments section, click on the 'Make a Comment' link (shown opposite in red) and then follow the instructions on the site to leave your objection.

Please note, you will need to log in if you are a returning user to the site, or register if you are first time user.  Registering is very straightforward and only takes 20 seconds.

A written objection


In addition to objecting on the Planning Portal, you can also object via email or post quoting reference 18/04288/OUTMAJ.  Details below:

Harrogate Borough Council

Planning & Development

PO Box 787





Please include your full name and address for the written objection to be valid.


Get in Touch

Spring Lane SLA Defence Group is committed to representing the views of concerned residents. If you have any comments or suggestions we’d love to hear from you.

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Pannal, HG3 1NP
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